Children (from 7), students & adults


Ballet is the backbone of all other dances, it teaches the fundamentals.

This school is one that follows strict standards, enabling the student to learn how to adopt discipline and appropriate behavior during lessons.

A uniform is compulsory for students of level 1, 2, 3 and 4.

This discipline involves piano accompaniment only.

Courses given by Denis Mattenet

Uniform required for ballet dancing

All articles for each uniform are on sale at the Boutique ConcorDanse. You will receive a 20% discount voucher at the beginning of the year for concerned students.
Uniform details

For girls :

½ pointe light pink slippers, ‘rose petal’ footed tights and (according to the level):

Level 1: a SoDança white leotard (02) (ref: E-10709)

Level 2: a SoDança blue leotard (560) (ref: E-10709)

Level 3: a SoDança black leotard (01) (ref: E-10709)

Level 4: a SoDança burgundy leotard (ref: L3551C « Sabriya ») with a black Sansha shorts (ref: D0665C « Jewel »)

For boys :

½ pointe black slippers, footed black tights and a white T-shirt.